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Bigfoot3290's News

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - June 10th, 2009

I believe this is something I should have posted a long time ago.

Over the years, I have received many comments about possible sequels. I feel that I have fallen pray to one of my own devices, as I have titled so many of my submissions with a "1" at the end. But, I have been open to sequels because of how the Newgrounds system works. A good reviewer will leave criticism that can really help a novice animator. When I was just starting out, I took those reviews to heart and trudged along to become better and more creative. To this day, I can say that I have read 99% of my reviews even if I only respond to a few, because ya just never know who's out there watching your stuff; moreover, the potential knowledge base he/she can share with you. So while 7 out of 10 times, you'll get a "LOL! 5!!" review, the handful that have some substance can be motivational - perhaps they'll even spark a new idea for a flash.

Anyway, I did some thinking about the future, and I did my best to transpose those thoughts into a numerical form. As noted, things look good for fans of J's Grassland 1 and Kirby's Dreamland I. While release dates are pending for both projects, they are certainly two that I'm eager to begin work on.

* * * Anything with a 0% will NOT happen! * * *

I hope this clears things up :D

Take care
- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"


Posted by Bigfoot3290 - June 4th, 2009

Hello fellows. I was surprised this morning upon discovering that my newest flash Hammer Bro Mario got a spot on the Frontpage. I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank the Newgrounds staff, and to express some of my thoughts concerning the movie.

Production on "Hammer Bro Mario" began a few weeks after I completed my first year in college (as marked in the Author's Comments and my previous news post). I finished with fantastic grades, and I had the utmost sense of accomplishment. In high school, my work ethic was almost non-existent. Instead, particularly in 2005 and 2006, I focused on my Flashwork as opposed to my schoolwork. While I found much success on Newgrounds, there was always this nagging within my conscience ... barking at me to "do my homework" and "study for that physics test." More often than not, I disregarded the whims of my conscience. I was in a bit of a pickle: was it worth it to excel in Macromedia/Adobe Flash if my grades were bound for mediocrity? Even to this day, I feel that I should have practiced Flash in moderation, but I can't help but feel incredibly proud of myself every time I watch the ending of Super Mario Land IV.

However, something happened in college. I became fervently motivated to do my absolute best in academia. It became a job - something I needed to do in order to survive. Other freshman around me floundered miserably because of poor decisions and a lack of foresight. Yet, instead of letting the failure of others affect my performance, I thrived because I simply did not want to end up like them (with Sharpie cocks all over their faces).

When I finally finished in mid-May, I was extremely excited about returning to Flashworld and Newgrounds. I had this new work ethic and loads of inspiration ... a more worldy outlook on life as well. But to my chagrin, "Hammer Bro Mario" grew into an arduous project; prime evidence of which can be found in its length (a mere 55 seconds). At first, I thought, "Mario's throwing around a whole bunch of freakin' hammers! How could I possibly screw this up?" Yet, it became quite clear that smashing Toad or Luigi in the face with a giant mallet is only funny a few times over. So, by the 5th skit, I transitioned to concepts that did not involve Mario beating someone's face in. Once again, I found myself struggling to come up with fresh ideas, and by the 10th skit, I knew I had to wrap things up.

Although I certainly believe that the animation in "Hammer Bro Mario" was up to my standards, I can't help but feel that I fell short in the end. Those who have followed my flashes from the early days know that I have published 15 some odd Mario movies in my day, but never have I experienced such writer's block. This dilema has spurred me on to contemplate different projects, more specifically, non-Mario and 100% drawn projects. I figured that I will continue to move forward with "Link's Slingshot" - my first LOZ flash, as a method to ween myself off of Mario sprite flashes. I am still putting the plot together, but I am very excited about its progression. After that is completed, I will embark on an original clip of some sort, which should entail a refreshing and envigorating experience. Wish me luck!

Till next time!
- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"

Hammer Bro Mario

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - May 5th, 2009

In less than a week, I will be done with my freshman year of college. Never in my life have I been so aware of the maturation process that we all go through. I remember how anxiety and nerves plagued me when I first arrived, and I marvel at how comfortable I am right now - with my schoolwork, with my attitude, with my decisions; moreover, with life in general. My first year has presented me with some grueling challenges, and contrary to the person I was in high school, I have met and conquered those obstacles to the best of my ability; for the first time in a long time I have no regrets. It will be in this context that I enter summer, and, therefore, it will be in this context that I plan to re-embark on my Newgrounds journey :D!

I have been trying my best to keep tabs on the NG community while ensnared by my college obligations. This year's Pico Day was probably the best to date, and I was a bit annoyed with myself because I didn't have anything to submit. The RevShare innovation is very exciting, and Mr. Fulp's generosity continues to be outstanding <3. Other than that, I'm pleased with myself since I managed to squeeze out Mario's Castle Calamity over winter break. The comments have been uplifting, and have helped me through some of the rockier roads that I've ventured on away from home.

The success of that flash has prodded me into contemplating a second. It wouldn't be a sequel, because sequels generally suck mondo vagina sludge. But, it would certainly be a Mario flash based in SMW. I also have Link's Slingshot in the oven, which I'm still planning out. It would be my first Zelda flash, so I'm very excited about what sort of response it will garner - especially as it is NOT in an anime-style like the zillion others out there. One of those flashes would probably be my first summer release, perhaps around late May-early June. Beyond those couple, it's not all Mario sprites and videogame parodies with me. As usual, I have a more serious, drawn flash in the works: Codename Beretta, as well as a second, more depressing film: Blue [working title]. Surely, I will not get to all four projects, especially if I manage to find a job. However, I am pushing myself to complete at least one of these non-videogame titles by early August.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I'm out of school on the 12th, which is like, a month and a half before you shitty high school kids :P.

Take care of yourselves.
- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"

Nearing the Summit

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - January 13th, 2009

Greetings lads. I've been having a great time back from college, and I'm happy to report that Flash Juices are once again pumpin' through my veins. In about a week's time, I'll have to return for the Spring semester, but I thought I'd let you in on what's been on my mind, which includes a new project in-the-works.

First though, I want to thank Newgrounds for the overwhelming support of "Mario's Castle Calamity." To be quite honest, I think it has been excessively hyped and promoted - I never expected to get on the Frontpage, and I certainly didn't think that getting in the Top 50 for a couple days was a possibility (as it never should be with a sprite flash). Although, I have noticed that there are less sprite flashes pouring through the Portal these days. Maybe NG was just hungry for one? Either way, thanks again to all who watched it, especially the reviewers, who have left me some very kinds words over the past week :)

Onto the new flash. I should mention first that it will be a DRAWN flash. Spriting is a ton of fun, but I miss drawing my own characters - I miss the freedom! The premise is currently filled with holes, but I'll let you know what I have so far. The film will revolve around a hostage situation. The main character is an office worker who goes insane on account of him missing a few of his mundane office supplies (think Scotch tape, stapler, calculator, etc.). He takes four of his co-workers hostage because he suspects them of being the thieves. They are all freakin' out and trying to talk some sense into him, but he stands by his stubborn and ludicrous disposition.

My real problem with the flash is that I'm unsure whether to make it a comedy or a tragedy. Perhaps it'll be a bit of both, but I'm really in the mood to make some creepyass film. If you'd like, feel free to post a comment voicing your opinion. I'll be sure to take it into consideration.

Like I mentioned, I will be going back to college on the 18th, making it very challenging for me to speculate on a release date. It depends on how much work I can get done while I'm away from home, and until I can get some real footing, I'll continue sketching things out and planning out how to execute this flash.

Cheers, mates!
- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"

Codename: Beretta - Split Decision

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - December 31st, 2008


At last, I will soon have a new flash to release to Newgrounds. I've been at college for the past 16 weeks, and I haven't had a moment to flash in a very long time. I realize every washed up NG animator says this, but I miss the days when I could spend all the time I wanted flashin' away. I miss blowing off my homework to finish Super Mario Land II :( Those were great times, but I know that now is the time to get serious and concentrate on my studies.

Fortunately, I've been doing well in college. It's great there at New Paltz, but I've decided to transfer after the spring semester ends to pursue a degree in Meteorology. It's a rediculous change of paths (I was studying graphic design at Paltz), but I've always been fascinated by tornadoes and shit. I also made the NCAA volleyball team, which will really fire up in the coming weeks. It's only division three, so it's not like I'll be on ESPN like those division one football players, but I'll have a great time nonetheless.

As far as the new flash goes, it's basically a parody of those cutscenes in Super Mario World, where Mario dynamites the castle. The flash itself is a hyper blooper reel - something that I've incorporated into many of my flashes (especially the SML series), but have yet to publish singularly. This means that there's minimal build-up; just skit after skit of Mario Bros. antics. Currently, I have 17 skits completely with a runtime of about 75 seconds. I'm aiming for around 25 skits total, so this baby's almost done. Expect to see "Mario's Castle Calamity" in the portal within the first week of the new year.

- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"
Until then, here's a screenie:

A Freakin' Update!

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - April 27th, 2008

Just thought I'd post a little update.

Lately, I've been drawing and thinking a lot. Unfortunately, I haven't made much progress in doing so, and by that I mean, I haven't been completing my sketches or thoughts. I'm not going crazy or anything, I suppose I just lack inspiration at the moment.

For the past couple months, I've been trying to break into Flash again. I began with "Mario Destroys Toad" which I discussed in my last post. Although the animation was coming along quite well, I guess I came to my senses and decided to postpone production. The idea was pretty cheeky to begin with, and the finished product would turn out to be a subpar version of "Power Star."

Right now, I'm just starting a noir/serious short film. I'm reluctant to release too much information in case I decide to dump this project as well.

The volleyball season has been greater than I could have expected so far. Right now, we're 7-0, and it would be perfect to finish off my senior year with a conference or county banner. This is where my focus has been since March, and it has been tough to find time to organize my thoughts for a Flash.

And finally, I've decided that I'm going to college at SUNY New Paltz to study graphic design, with a minor in special fx or possibly photography. The visit was excellent, and the town was beautiful with a laid-back vibe. My kind of place :)

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - November 26th, 2007

Good news. While my computer is still being repaired, my dad has given me one of his old boxes for the time being. He even had the wits to install the trial versions of Adobe Flash CS3 Pro and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. What does this mean? Well, it means I have 30 days to finish my new movie.

Being myself, this flick is not one of the planned films I listed in my last post. It is not Kirby's Dreamland II or the second episode of J's Grassland. It is, however, a Mario flash, which I'm sure will have the majority of you squeeling with glee. I plan to entitle it, "Mario Destroys Toad." Very straight forward, and I don't plan to include any fancy plot twists. This means you can expect to see Mario beat the living tapeworms right out of Toad's ass (additionally, wrecking anything that gets in his way).

"Why?!," you may ask. "Why would you ever beat Toad to a bloody pulp?" Ah, well the answer may come easy for those devout Mario fans. Think back to the original Super Mario Bros. Remember what Toad used to say? If you do, I'd be willing to wager a hefty sum that steam is spurting out of your ears right now. I have nine good words that should clear things up: "Sorry Mario, but the princess is in another castle." I want this flash to be the embodiement of Mario's anger and frustration as those words leak out of Toad's mouth. He will snap. Hard, and you can bet there will be a whole truckload of bloodied Goombas rolling around the Mushroom Kingdom on that day.

So far, I have about a minute of animation. I intend to keep things short: the flash should end up being anywhere between 2 and 3 minutes. I don't want to drag things out. I want Mario to go in there, beat the spores out of Toad, and still have time to grab a ham sandwich afterwards. Expect this one within the next two weeks.

- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"

Back in Commission

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - November 4th, 2007

Well, my comp has been busted for a good month now and I haven't even been spared a whiff of Flash in that time. It should be fixed relatively soon, and I'm eager to ignore my math homework on account of spending precious time animating. It's my favorite pastime afterall [ignoring my math homework that is].

Senior Year is pretty cool, but it's not all it's hyped up to be. Perhaps this is because it's still the first semester, but man, it's definitely no whale hunting escapade. I'm hauling ass around that school threatening teachers for recommendations, I took the SAT again yesterday, and I'm nearly having an aneurysm over this AP Bio lab. I mean, what the shit is "Dichlorphenolindophenol"? I check out this kinda poop on the internet, but the definitions are filled with equally bemusing words. It's like a vicious nerd cycle who's sole purpose is to inflict cardiac arrest on all the cool cats of the world. How awful!

Oh here's a perk: As a senior, you can use "Leet" in daily conversation, and all the freshman will think it's the hottest cup of joe to ever slide across the table.

Speaking of Flash and stuff, I was recently voted "most artistic" for superlatives at my school. I thought that was pretty rad, considering I've never taken an art class in highschool. I mean, a considerable amount of the dudes and chicks at my school know about my silly Mario flicks, but I doubt that's why I won. I speculate that my victory ensued because of the countless doodles I've drawn over the years. I mean, there's one of my Bio teacher on the lab I'm doing right now. He's all psycho-lookin', with eyebrows of steel, screaming, "GO TO HELL, KIDS!" Everyone seems to get a kick outta them, and I'm glad all of that slackin' off was good for something.

In college, I plan on venturing into the creative writing field. I've won a couple essay contests in my day, and I'm beginning to appreciate the art form more as I grow older. In fact, anything that takes a bit of creativity is appealing to me. Sitting down with a blank sheet of paper with only my mind to guide me is an intruiging sensation that I cannot completely describe. If a matter pops up that is a particular burden on your mind, you should take the time to write down your thoughts, as it may be the most effective remedy. It doesn't have to be an epic novel or a gothic poem filled with cynical undertones. Hell, it doesn't even need to follow a format. Writing can be fun when you don't have to compare three summer reading books through a critical lens.

I'm taking this film class that encompasses all of the major directors (and their works) of America, and some European directors as well. It's teaching me a lot about cinematography and the other advantages that film has over other types of art (most of which are applicable to Flash movies). The class has really gotten my gears goin', and I've been spending a decent amount of time contemplating my next flash movie. There are some projects that I've promised to (and will) finish, such as "Kirby's Dreamland II" and the "Classic Doom Collab." At the same time however, I sense that I may run off on a tangent and create a horror/macabre piece on the side (again, inspired by that film class ... Hitchcock comes to mind).

Alright guys. That's about all the jazz for now. Just proving that I haven't been eviscerated by a band of hip hop ninjas just yet.

- Jeremy aka "Bigfoot"

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - August 5th, 2007

This is just to let everyone know that I'm not rotting in a hole in the ground yet. In fact, I'm far from that (hopefully).

The summer has been pretty good. My family and I took a flight down to Florida a couple weeks ago for a sunny vacation. Besides all of the beaches and tennis matches, we got a chance to hit up Busch Gardens in Tampa. It's a fantastic amusment park with some insane roller coasters. If anyone has ever been there, we went on just about everything, including Montu, Kumba, and the brand new, 200 foot monster, SheiKra. It was "hella tight, yo", and we made it home safe and sound.

Back in New York, I've been playing a lot of soccer and (of course) continuing to work with Flash. As of now, there are several ideas spinnin' around, so I'll lay 'em out for ya right here.

First off, there's this Toad flash. By "Toad", I mean the fungus-head from the Mario games. I've always thought of Toad as a prime target for a parody. He has an extremely obscure fashion sense, he's a complete pansy, and he reproduces by budding or spores or whatever. Well anyway, the flash will be based around him, as he interacts with the common friendly and enemy characters from the Mario world. If I spend enough time on it, I could end up calling it "Dumbass Toad", which would be the fourth in the series. I'm not planning on that, but we'll see what happens I guess.

Secondly, there's a DooM collab between myself, my good buddy Orange, and possibly Lildwarf from "Link-et?!" and "LoZ - Simdate RPG" fame. All three of us are big fans of DooM, and we have all made DooM themed flashes in the past. In short, we hope to combine our efforts into one kickass synergy of DooMy goodness. It should be a primarily drawn collab, but we'll probably throw in a few sprite scenes for some added nostalgia.

There's also J's Grassland 2, the sequel to my new series involving a bunch of far-out animals. I haven't started work on this one yet, but I've thought of quite a few ideas. I have high hopes for it, as I intend on making it about twice as long with a few new characters. If you haven't already, check out the first one and tell me what you think. I've already received many helpful reviews, but one more couldn't hurt.

Finally, there's Kirby's Dreamland II. This is a flash that I've continually pushed back for countless unfortunate reasons. I wish I could give a release date, but I can promise you that I will finish it someday. It'll end up being almost like the first one, but with a little more dialogue and a little less music video.

Well, that's pretty much it for now. I'll leave you with a beta picture that might end up being in that delicious DooM collab.

- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"

Keepin' at it.