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Sorry but this flash is going to compromise the safe space of too many manchildren. Gonna have to recommend a ban. Because feelings.

I can always count on BrewStew.

Thanks dude. Great job as always. Glad you enjoyed the original :D

FlowJoe responds:

Thank you for making the original in the first place! Happy 10 years of calamity! :)

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I'm not sure why this game has been receiving copious amounts of negative feedback. It's clear that it's a demo and there are some bugs to be worked out, but overall this is a very impressive game. The pixel artwork is beautiful and crisp. The soundtrack was a little underwhelming but certainly didn't take away from the game. The sound effects were fitting and generally quite good. I also thought the concept worked well as a kind of Final Fantasy/Pokemon hybrid.

Some feedback: the inventory system is a bit clunky and slightly difficult to navigate. I was also unsure how some of the stat points and buffs functioned. There could have been more variety in enemy types, and generally speaking the monsters did not pose a real challenge.

Again, overall I enjoyed this game and there is a ton of potential here. Nice job.

For me, this is an easy 10/10. Very good mixture of gameplay, humor, pop culture references, and replay factor. I especially love Starcraft, so the Zerg references made me giggle like a Baneling with centrifugal hooks. There were definitely some challenging levels, but nothing a bit of elbow grease couldn't solve. One of my favorite games on NG for sure.

Fairly difficult for the first few minutes, but after you get an upgrade or two it almost becomes a waiting game. I love the idea, but the game play needs to be expanded as many have mentioned already. Perhaps you could add a manual defense to create a multi-task element to the game. I'd also like to see a more gradual development of the plant's defenses. Very good start to a potentially fantastic game.

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YARRG! This be ye ol' scalawaggin' swashbucklin' poopdeckin' jig! 5 out of 5, matie!!!

Always a pleasure, Mr. Orr. Good to see you're still at it!

DavidOrr responds:


Wow, Jazza. That's incredible, especially the vocals.

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Still one of the most recognizable artists out there :)

Another masterpiece on perspective. Interesting idea for the three separate CD images!

Echoing what some others have already pointed out: stairs=mvp. This is such a challenging angle to execute properly, but the stairs, wall, bags, and castle really sell the notion that we are looking up at these wizards.

AlvinHew responds:

Woot, thank you!

Flash is great for so many reasons...whether you're looking to reconnect with your past, to express an opinion, dream, or thought, or to just make people laugh :)

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