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Spriting Tutorial In Progress

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - February 18th, 2013

Hey dudes. Dudarinos. D-to-the-Dudaroonies.

So after years of being pestered by you lot about sound fx, soundtracks, "how do you make Mario movies," and all of that jazz, I've decided upon the path of appeasement, which ultimately means that I am actually making a Sprite Tutorial! I've spent this weekend brushing up on super basic actionscripts so I can put this thing together without losing what little brains I have left. It will cover some of the rudimentary spriting issues that novices face, but I will also include some advanced tidbits regarding special fx, composition, brainstorming, and theory. Basically, I think it's time I do a little giving back. I've got almost a decade's worth of invaluable Mario parody experience to share, so share I shall.

So now you can all be deliciously tubularly cool, like me. Duh! I'm open to suggestions, so post below if you have any topic ideas or general words of mockery. Cheers!

Spriting Tutorial In Progress

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Very great, this will probably help me too ^^. As some people said, but not with this words (I know what they said, but I don't know their names xD): "Even in Lv.100, even being a genius, even being a nerd (wtf?), you will learn something new everyday".

This is gonna help out alot of people...
For advance you might wanna put "How to make 3D Visual effects"
A lot of sprite animators want to know how so their work can look more unique.

Glad that you're committing to this! I actually haven't found a decent sprite tutorial out there that teaches things such as the ones that you've listed above.

Have you gotten into a situation where the Flash has had a hard time exporting the .swf because it's so large? If so, do you export it piece by piece (different .fla documents) and then compile it afterwards into another program?

Also, have you ever encountered a sprite sheet that traces weirdly even under normal conditions (set to 'pixels' on curve fit, 'few corners' set on corner threshold, and a value of '1' given to color threshold and minimum area) for whenever I normally trace a bitmap? Some of them come out as blurry and unfocused as opposed to how they're usually crisp and clean.

I've never run into an exporting issue. Back in the day, the NG submissions were limited to 5mb, so I would modify the publication settings to fit the bill. I don't think a sprite flash would ever be graphic intensive enough to need to be exported in pieces. "Dumbass Luigi" was my longest project, around 12 minutes, and I didn't encounter an issue. As for the sprite sheets, yes, I know what you're referring to and I do not really know how to fix it. Sometimes, I trace a sheet and the sprites become a little blurrier, but when I zoom in they look fine. As long as you're using the trace settings you mentioned, you're doing the best you can do.

Oh sweet! I'd very much like to make a animation to submit on Newgrounds :P


Although I'm very experienced with sprite animation, I'm very interested in your color/theory&design tutorial and your advanced ones! I hope your set of tutorials inspires the sprite community to liven up a bit again :P.

I did a set of sprite flash tutorials too, /watch?v=U1BQofY46AQ . I think yours will reach out to more people though, so awesome man! Glad you're keeping it up, tis inspiring!

Just one of many friendly reminders from me that this needs to happen some day
<3, Sliz

Should I really hijack this project? :P


Well, I guess I'll borrow this now.


Took me three months, but it was an educational experience.

Man this post is OLD. And I can see that you're still a bit active.