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Funky Turtles!

Posted by Bigfoot3290 - July 2nd, 2009

Hey guys. I just thought I would post a little update on this new project I am working on (and run my mouth a bit).

I guess the most important thing about it is the fact that there will be no sprites. No, I haven't quit spriting for good, but I could definitely use a break. I am really looking forward to using the Paint Brush tool again :D, and the satisfaction of creating something from nothing is absolutely unrivaled.

Animation has always been a great hobby for me, but nothing more. However, I do love to prove that I actually have some artistic ability, especially since I'm positive that the majority of people around here only credit me for making silly Mario parodies. It's a bit ironic, but I strongly believe that at least some my spriting prowess, if there is such a thing, derives from having an artistic eye. People frequently discredit spriting as a "no talent" business. Yet, while I certainly acknowledge that it is very easy, I know that a fair bit of skill is required to effectively manipulate the sprites. My first projects were all drawn, non-sprite movies, and I feel that they were a springboard to "mastering" sprite animation. Throughout my time here on NG, I have revisited drawn animation, and I view it as a means of fine tuning my skills in both departments, while reminding myself just how difficult it is to actually drawn and animate your own, original characters.

Anyway, back to the project! So I was chillin' back with a pen and a pad, and for some reason, I began to sketch out some turtles and turtle shells. Maybe I was subconsciously thinking about murdering some Koopas, but either way, the doodles actually came out pretty well. Quickly, I popped open Flash and transferred my drawings into the program with some vibrant-ass colors. And just like good ol' Joe Ska, I developed my doodles into an infantile flash video.

"Funky Turtles." They are muthafuckin' funkyass reptilian badasses with a knack for coppin' some sweetass pwin. I guess it's just gonna be a bunch of turtles messing around with the world in music video format. Expect headbobs and mustaches. I have a good feeling about it, and every time I work on it, I feel more committed to getting it done.

- Jeremy AKA "Bigfoot"

Funky Turtles!

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Awesome!Can't wait!

Thanks man.

Hot air balloons with anchors? Rightous.

Why, thank you ol' bean!

i like the land mass in the background

It was inspired by the potato I had for dinner :)

Funky Turtles. A simple yet fascinating concept. I want to watch this flash.


I've noticed that you smuggled a few painted animations in your sprited flashes, and I think you have a funny and unique style.
I must say I would be most happy if you made more hand-drawn animations :)

Still, don't quit spriting please, those parodies are fantastic.


I like random and simplistic humor which you seem to mix into your flashes very well. Things like the 'Bigass Nuke.' in the picture. Lovin' it!

I usually never check out flash newsposts, came across dumbass doom just now and I had to see it again, hehe.

Keep the ownage coming.

Very interesting. If it's not to much trouble, do you know a cheap animating program. I want to start animating as a hobby. I would like help from a pro, like you. Any ideas for a program?

j00 got it, mang.

i have the medal "nobody like a turtle" so i won´t watch this movie.............

NAH MAN! just kidding :D

keep goin´

Just wanted to say that I've been a long time fan of you (far before I made this account even) I'm glad to know that you're still making movies and you're still active on this website.

Good stuff on your news.

I feel that people who are spriters feel rejected by using sprites, it's true in the way where you are using someone elses graphics, but it still requires effort and patients like all other forms of animation!

Thanks for being an inspiration,

DUDE!LET ME KNOW WHEN THIS COMES OUT!Turtles are my favorite animal,(which is why I own one)& I always knew they badass.Now they're destroying the world,just like I dreamed about it.Great,now I'm all excited about it.Please don't keep me waiting much longer.

you should make it like turtles in a war against snails to see who is the slowest amphibian.

LOL! funky turtles is awesome and so r u. just to tell you, don't play any games by M-bot. his games sux. and your best game/video i saw, was mario castle calamity! lol!! it was so funny!!

Wow, seems awesome. Although..."-Update 12/21/06 : Well, apparently the for/against series ratio is about 20:1, so yes, there will be a Kirby's Dreamland II. The expected release date is pending." that has been pending for quite a while...

I really like your art and animations. All I gotta say is you do a great job with animating. Ever considered making cartoons for TV? I bet you could come up with many great shows.

this looks funny i like the bigass nuke

Mah dude!

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