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Animation is great for so many reasons...whether you're looking to reconnect with your past, to express an opinion, dream, or thought, or to just make people laugh :)

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Posted by Bigfoot3290 - November 30th, 2018

Just wanted to write a few thoughts down. I first came to NG in 2003 watching Xaio Xaio and playing Alien Hominid. I'm now one of those Johnny Walker-drinking corporate stooges I always thought I'd never be, but it's ok. Focusing on finances and careers and stuff really can suck the soul outta you. At the same time, I've matured a lot and have done well for myself. 

In a few weeks, I'll be graduating with a MBA in finance. To think I began undergrad as a graphic design major on the heels of my animations. Jeez. I remember Tom Fulp talking about Newgrounders growing up together and discovering adulthood and all that jazz. I read some old posts, reviews, and private messages over the past few days and remembered just how vital NG was for me as a teenager. Working as a corporate cog reminds me of just how uncreative most people are, and Newgrounds was always the opposite. 

I hope this all doesn't sound too depressing or anything. Like I said, I am actually doing quite well. But, I miss NG and that magical feeling of making those Flashes at 3am, submitting at 5am, blacking out, then waking up on a hot summer afternoon with a bunch of new reviews. 

Hope everyone else is well,



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It's Freakin' Life, by You, man. God bless, and hope you enjoy seeing new fans coming out of the burning husk that is Tumblr!

"It's Freakin' Life" haha nicely put!

I need to get back to work on my flash project but my other flash project is taking up to much time!

What do?

I remember having that issue as a teenager. I used to have a few projects that I would rotate onto different backburners. I always went with the flavor of the day. Eventually, one project would get to about 30-50% completion and I'd be motivated enough to just focus on finishing that one.

Great to read you're doing quite well, man. I just graduated from medical school last year and, since then, I've got another stuff to prioritize.
Your work did always inspire me and motivate myself to create the few flash movies I uploaded here. Those were, indeed, the good days.

Anyways, my best wishes and cheers to you in everything you purpose. Thanks for all the laughs you gave us back in the 2000's!

Wow. Medical school is quite the accomplishment. I have a good friend who's in his residency right now. One of the most respectable guys I know. Congratulations on making it through! I know several friends who have either dropped out of pre-med or med, and they tend to fall back on the de facto corporate job like I did. Thanks again for the note and support. I remember the alias quite well and always enjoyed the Disturbing Mario series. Good luck to you as well!

Well, at least you're still alive. Me? I somehow worked up the guts to go for university after all these years.

Still kickin'. That's great news. University isn't for everyone like advertised today, but overall I think it's probably the best option if you can reasonably afford to attend. I took on a rather large amount of student loan debt to complete the MBA on top of the debt I had from undergrad. I wouldn't trade what I've learned for anything and I've already received a few promotions from furthering myself in grad school.

I hope you don't have any more doubts about going to university. If I could offer another bit of perspective it would be: I entered undergrad as a graphic design major, almost switched to meteorology, eventually graduated with an English degree and a minor in history, then went to grad school for finance. The lesson here is that I think the world tries to pigeonhole students into a specific career that requires specific training. The vast majority of careers depend on your quality as a human being far more than the type of degree you attained. Good luck!

Well wherever life takes you it's not impossible to get back here once in a while is it? For a fresh dose of some of that inspiration you might be missing out on elsewhere. Trying to juggle a similarly dull office job with this place right now, but it's actually going alright! Thought I wouldn't have time for this when I graduated, then when I started my first real job, but no matter the changes it seems there's always a loophole in the routine somewhere...

Good to hear things are going well though! When you climb the career ladder high enough maybe free time will come again in surplus. ;)

Thanks Cyber. Good to see you're still around! I agree 100%...if there's a will, there's a way. Once I graduate in the next few weeks, I'm sure I'll have more than enough spare time after work to pursue my hobbies again. It's been a whirlwind for me the past couple of years. I am certainly looking forward to reacquainting with my creative side. Glad you're doing well and congratulations on your successes.

Yoooo I used to watch some of your old Mario parodies a long time ago. Glad to see you're doing well. It's sad to see how many old creators have disappeared without a word, so it's refreshing to see some come back after all these years and see how they're doing.

Thanks, I really appreciate those words. I am glad to stop by and say hello every now and again. Of course, people move on and lives change, but I'm sure I'll always call NG a home base. Hope all is well with you!

i think you should create a youtube channel and upload your sprite animations there

theres a program that converts swf in mp4 with high quality, its called ''swivel'' you should definitelly check it out

I'm actually thinking about starting a YouTube channel sometime soon. I'll keep NG up to date. Thanks for dropping by!

@straberrykiler6789 @Bigfoot3290
Yeah other things have just taken me away 1 thing and it is mainly but the other flash,
I think NG might get a boost when YouTube gets a bit more trigger happy and goes on a more substantive banning spree.

Just a bunch of people talking about politics there these days anyhow!

Till then we need to get back to the days where something would be on Newgrounds at least a few days before it was elsewhere or try to.

I agree YouTube is getting more politicized, but I have found some bright spots there that have enticed me recently to consider beginning a channel. Not sure what the content will be like just yet, but I'll connect NG if and when it does happen. Thanks for the response!

Oh you've been diving into both work and studies at the same time! That does seem a bit more ambitious than my route. :D Sounds good. For sure, I have no plans on ever leaving but you never know...

That's good to hear. You've been around for as long as I can remember. I could always count on a Cyberdevil review back in the day :D Best of luck with everything.

@straberrykiler6789 @Bigfoot3290 @Bigfoot3290
Probably only going to add anything else to YouTube if its a tutorial for some flash related software we have been working on.
do have a movie in the works but i dont see it getting finished anytime soon

If you do get into the YouTube scene maybe do a series but add it to YT a week after Newgrounds so fans check NG first.

If it was an animation I would certainly do that, but I am thinking about going the video route.

Thank you man. :) You too!

You're one of the main reasons why I came to this wonderful site, I remember watching your Mario animations along with my cousin, when I even hadn't a computer.
Thanks for everything, man! And like GabrielBarsch said, I hope to see your content on YouTube too :)

Thanks for the great comment. I really do appreciate those kind of anecdotes. Glad you enjoyed my animations back in the day.

Say, what did you think of my 'sprite movie' tutorial?

Very nice work. I'm glad you got around to completing your project, unlike me. It's comprehensive and well laid-out.

I'm glad that you're alive, you are one of my favourites creators on the page.
I thinked that you were dead such as Randy Solem.
We haven't seen you after 2013.
You should came back sometime :)

Just the normal adulthood work/school/career/401k nonsense. I
do miss NG quite a bit and still visit the site at least a few times a week.

@straberrykiler6789 @Bigfoot3290 @Bigfoot3290
Lemme know when episode 1 comes out so i can check it out!

Should maybe do a sprite movie for old time sake though and hint at its release during the series so you can direct the audience to the new sprite movie when its done maybe you can discus the idea with the audience and collaborate on the story that way.
maybe feature something from here now and again not for nostalgia sake but to remind them whats still here!
Not saying to shove it in peoples faces just something to mention now and again that could work well with the show,

But it Depends what you are going for is it an attempt live action movies or a series where you discuss stuff or taken requests or something else?

AAAAAAAA I CAN DIE HAPPY- just kidding. I've been banned from hell, heaven, Olympus, hades, tengoku, naraka, deva louki, diyu, Hel, Valhalla and even purgatory. I'll be around for some time. Still, if you ever finish that spritemovie tutorial you were working on, I'd love to read through it.

Your animations inspired me to create my own. I love your work and I hope you live to be one of the greatest Mario animators alive. We all miss you and we're happy you're still good.

Thank you. I'm always happy and humbled to hear that I inspired someone else.

@Pixelcraftian @Bigfoot3290 No, thank you. You left a legacy of great animation behind but that's ok, you do whatever you want to do. Nothing lasts forever, but what does is happiness from anything, including what you have created in the past. You were the one who made the "Calamity" topic on Newgrounds and Youtube popular.

I wonder if you'll ever return to animation. If that were to happen, the Mario and Animation community would go crazy.

Have fun man, You're an amazing person.

do you still have dumbass mario, still bummed it got removed on here

Somewhere on an old hard drive, it lives on.

Nice well I’m happy you been doing well. I love your animations when I was a teenager . Life is endless road of possibilities that make it enjoyable. God bless and hope to see what you have in store for the fans in the years to come!

Thanks for the kind words. I must say, I used to scoff at the idea that "life is an endless road of possibilities." Now that I'm 30, I can definitively point to dozens of times where my life could have taken a very different path. One of the things I've tried to work on is the understanding that I don't have to get something right the first time, and that the greatest lessons are oftentimes the most painful.

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