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Animation is great for so many reasons...whether you're looking to reconnect with your past, to express an opinion, dream, or thought, or to just make people laugh :)

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Comments (9)

Awesome glad to see a mario flash on this site after along time

I was hoping there would be some people hungry for the old school Mario flashes :) Thanks for the comment!

Bigfoot you're one of the newgrounds legends youre doing good by making more toons dude gj!

Thanks man that means a lot to me. I'm planning on making 2013 a big year :D

Even if I turn into a Granpa, with more thank 80 years, I will never stop playing or watching Mario and his people, because, this world changed my life when a child, I was bored, nothing to play with my newest old SNES (because the SNES was old and used), but I remembered, my cousin have a game, I put it on, I played, was Mario World, I played without stopping even one minute, I was lovin' the game, the secrets, the levels, everything was perfect at that game, and, even everyone saying now that I'm a baby that loves Mario, I will never abandon this game.

I hear ya. I still have my SNES and N64 (ironically, the Gamecube broke years ago). I played sports and music like everyone else, but those Mario games were a huge part of my childhood and I look back on those moments fondly. Thanks for the comment!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks man! I intend on doing so :)

i seriously thought you quit like years ago.

Hey Rebaz! I never "quit," I just had more important priorities over the past several years. Nice to see you're still making DD flashes too; great job on Arnie v Abobo :D

Im so glad your back..I missed mario's screaming :(

Thanks man :)

So glad you are back! I bet lots of people missed the great flashes you brought to the table. Keep it up and don't give up!

Thanks for the kind words! Means a lot to me :)

I'm just happy that the art (or if you would classify it as such) of Sprite animation hasn't died down any. You're arguably one of the few colossus that can actually animate these things well and to a great effect. No matter what the case, whether it be your animations be funny or just plain smooth, I always smile whenever I watch them.

Thanks for providing us with all this...for lack of a better word, entertainment over the many years that you have been animating. I hope that you won't quit any time soon!

See, responses like these motivate me more than anything else. Animating in Flash can be so draining and oftentimes impersonal. You spend days, weeks, or even months on a project, you test it 100+ times, you have all of these internal debates on which scenes to cut, which sound effects to import, or how you develop certain characters or plots. It's a digital art form that will eventually be submitted into the virtual world of the internet. You can keep tabs on the number of hits, but no matter how vast, it's not like you have an exhibit at a museum and you can physically greet patrons as they review your work. But every once in a while you also get comments or reviews like this one. And they make me smile because I can actually feel the life in them; I can picture the other person out there somewhere laughing and I can sense that my work has made their day a little better.

Thanks for sharing!

Loved the comical, yet sinister nature of your flashes. They always catch my interest and attention, and may I suggest maybe going a little balls deep with your next flash, adding a spin on your usual submissions?

Such as either Peach, Toad, or Yoshi...hell even bowser O.o
Give the audience a surprise, and something to REALLY chat about :P