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Animation is great for so many reasons...whether you're looking to reconnect with your past, to express an opinion, dream, or thought, or to just make people laugh :)

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Comments (8)

I hope for more sprite animations!

most likely!

you alive? holy s***

aw yee

So cold..... So few bigfoot animations..... Please.... Kirby's Dreamland 2

duuuuude. i just opened up the .fla to KD2 a few days ago. i know a ton of people are still counting on me to make it. soooooooo i might just have to make it happen.

Dat music.

huge props to limesauce for the music!

Your return won't be a mistake, I will contribute with sprite animations too ^^.

Cool. Haven't seen too many quality sprite flashes around here in a while.

sweet dude looking for KD2 ^.^ glad to see a legend back

You really are in the top 5 of my favorite animators. It's really exciting to see that you've returned to Newgrounds.

Looking forward to all of your new projects, and the new animation was fantastic. Had your charm and humor that I've grown fond of. XD

Are you going to still do Sprites? Or solely drawn? A combination?

Definitely a combo. I'm definitely not the best artist on NG, but for a sprite animator, I can draw pretty well. A lot of people have suggested that I put spriting behind in favor of purely drawn animation, but I honed a lot of my skills as a flash animator by working with sprites, i.e., some of that "charm" you're referring to. I mean, take Funky Turtles for instance: there really isn't a lot of frame-by-frame animation in it, but even so, people watched it and said, "yes, that's a Bigfoot flash." Personality, charm, style...those are the most important elements of any art project, and in flashing it's no different. Even sprites, sticks, and anime, styles that theoretically limit creativity, can be used to great effect to demonstrate your personality simply because you need to reconcile the constraints of each medium in order to create a project that doesn't put people to sleep.

Thanks for the kind words, man. I'll keep at it!

It certainly feels great to see one of my favorite sprite artist return. I've always been a fan of your castle calamity series, and i hope that I, and the rest of the community, can see other additions to it in the future. And, I guess you could say, welcome home.